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Give a child an experience to last the ocean's lifetime.

Héroes del Mar unites us with the children of small Mexican fishing communities. Together, we examine the importance of the oceans, man's effect on marine life, and how we can all work together to conserve the ocean and its inhabitants. We explore the problems the oceans face to create solutions for our future. Our main objective is to "pass the torch" to the next generation of conservationists while presenting new opportunities for their education and careers for the future.

Heroes del Mar became a reality in 2019. Twelve children from three small fishing villages were selected to represent their communities. When they boarded the boat the first time, most had never used a mask and snorkel. One child could not even swim. Our goal was to expose them to different experiences and show them the incredible resources in their backyard. As we traveled from island to island and hiked, visited mangroves, and saw the underwater world for the first time, we met scientists, teachers, economists, naturalists, and business people. We wanted to show them that a world of opportunities is available to them.

Please watch these two videos to learn more about the program and the positive impact it is making on these children and their communities.


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