July through September

Sea of Cortez - Midriff Islands

July through September

8 Days / 9 Nights / 6 Days of Diving

Did you know you can fly to Phoenix and within four hours be boarding a boat to one of the most remote places in the world? A world with no planes, very few boats, clear skies, and amazing sunsets. Under the surface lie deep waters and abundant sea life.

The Sea of Cortez, known as the Gulf of California, is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploration. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium". Dive on untouched walls and reefs abounding in marine life. Encounter large and small whale species, snorkel with whale sharks, dive with playful sea lion colonies, and see countless eels, octopus, fish, and jumping mobula rays. It's a macro photographer's dream with nudibranchs, colorful blennies, dancing jawfish, and sea horses.

Between dives, you can hike and explore remote uninhabited islets. At night you can gaze at the Milky Way. Give us one week and we will help you create a lifetime of memories while forging new friendships. You will dine on incredible cuisine and enjoy the friendly service that has made many of our guests come diving with us again and again.


Below is our scheduled diving itinerary. Weather and sea conditions may require changes to this itinerary. If unique animal sighting opportunities arise, we may suggest alternative options to divers.

Day 1 - Board the boat at 5pm in Puerto Peñasco / Depart at approximately 6pm / Dinner is served at 7pm

Day 2 - Wake up at Refugio Bay on Angel Island
Potential Dive sites: Angel Rock, La Vela, Lolo’s Cove
Sunset Zodiak Cruise with Sea Lions

Day 3 - Angel Island
Potential Dive sites: Andrea’s Eagle, El Aquario, Las Vivoras, Las Vivoras including a night dive

Day 4 - San Pedro Martir
Potential Dive sites: El Arroyo, Punta Martir (Sea Lions), Chayo’s Cove

Day 5 - San Pedro Martir

Potential Dive sites: Ravijunco, Xareni’s Pinnacle, Coromel, Morrito
In the afternoon we go looking for whales!

Day 6 - Salsipuedes & Animas

Potential Dive sites: Los Cuervos, El Caballo, In Animas, El Lavadero, El Lavadero including a night dive

Day 7 - Baja and Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Bahia de Los Angeles
Potential Dive sites: El Pescador, Don Juan
Start heading back to Puerto Penasco in the afternoon

Day 8 - Disembark at 7am


One of the most popular questions we receive about the Sea of Cortez is about water temperature!

The Sea of Cortez is a very seasonal sea which means it changes rapidly based on the seasons. Our trips begin in early July where the temperatures are approximately 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit. It increases by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit every week and tops off at about 85 degrees mid-August and remains there until about mid-September. After mid-September, the temperatures drop an average of 2 degrees Fahrenheit every week.

The Sea of Cortez has vertical thermoclines! You can see the water shimmer before you feel it. There are cool as well as warm currents. During a single dive, experiencing a temperature difference of 10 degrees is quite normal. But don't worry, the cool thermoclines don't last long.



Rocio del Mar / $2895 per person, double occupancy

Quino el Guardian / $2300 per person, quad occupancy


Rocio del Mar / $2995 per person, double occupancy

Quino el Guardian / $2400 per person, quad occupancy

Prices include all taxes, port fees, meals, beverages, tanks, weights, and complimentary beer and wine. The only things not included are:
$28 Park Fee
$120 Nitrox (if you want it)
Transfers to and from the boat
Crew gratuity (typically 10%-15% of the fare)

Park fees are subject to change without notice